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Primary packaging
product handling
Filling and packaging handling of cosmetics

Deret Ateliers Cosmétiques own sevral primary packaging filling lines all modular and specialized in filling of liquids, pastes or semi-viscous products into tubes, bottles or jars in a 950m2 dedicated area with air conditioning and LED lighting.

Filling is operated under laminar flow according to the bulk nature given by our partners, in order to avoid any bacterial contamination hazard.



  • Tube filling machine for standard or elliptical tubes from 13,5 to 50mm diameter and from 2 to 220 ml capacity. Suitable for Polyfoil tubes.
  • Multipurpose filling maching for jar under centrifugation from 10 to 110mm and from 2ml to 1 liter. Screwing in the production line, reducer or pump snapping Station, laser or inkjet codifications according to you request. Heated hopper impementation with thrist screaw available for pasty bulk products.
  • Horizontal cartoners to pack your product in cases. Flat or folded instruction inserts, alternate or opposite lap closing cases, embossed codification on the top or bottom lap from 1 to 3 lines.
  • Multipurpose labellers for both sides stickers or outline on primary or secondary products.
  • Automatic Soft film welding machine (overwrapping machines) with shrink tunnel to create batches of finished products filmed.
  • Laminar flows for sensitive bulk filling.





  • Laser or inkjet codifications on all production lines (douzen of possibilities joined with secondary packaging product handling). 
  • Gluing machines for sample on paper cards.
  • Marden Edward type cellophane wrapper, 300 x 200 x 95 mm maximun size with several shape tools.
  • Sollas Mini cellophane wrapper, handful shape tools available.
  • Up to 8 secondary packaging product handling production lines for any co-packing type.



Bat B - 2ème étage
645 rue des Châtaigniers - 45770 SARAN
3000 m² dedicated warehouse

580 rue Champ Rouge
45770 SARAN

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